How do I get a Canada Post Merchant ID?

I thought I would write a short post on how you can get a Canada Post Merchant ID so you can setup your online e-commerce shopping cart. Since I did not find the process to easy, after getting transferred back and forth for an hour and jumping through hoops I finally managed to get my merchant ID.

You will need a Canada Post Merchant ID Number for your Magento shopping cart module. The Canada Post Module is used for online stores to calculate shipping costs in Canada with Canada Post’s services.

The service is completely free.

Step 1: Setup a small business account

Call Canada Post’s Venture One Small Business Department: 1-877-262-5762 Ask to setup a small business account. They will give you an Account/User ID#, be sure to write this down. A business account also gives you better rates on shipping so your business can save some money.

Step 2: Visit Canada Post's business website Select the top option “My business has an existing relationship with Canada Post” Once there Create a User Name, Enter your Account # that you got in Step 1 and then create a password.

Step 3: Request a Merchant ID Number for online shopping cart

Call Canada Post’s Sell Online Help Desk: 1-866-511-0546 (Prompts: 1 for English, Enter Account Number followed by the # key, Dial 2/option two, follow prompt to talk with an operator)
Mention you are calling to setup a Sell Online Account so you can receive a Merchant ID# which you need for the online shopping cart module/plugin.

That's it, I hope I saved you some time, if you need any help or questions/comments please contact us here!