What's the difference?

If you're wondering what the difference is between our Canada Post modules - we've outlined the features each module includes. The Pro module is recommended as a lot more features have been implemented to facilitate installation, configuration and integration with the Canada Post EST Desktop tool.

With the Canada Post Pro module, product configuration is much easier as it converts your preferred units to the Canada Post default units. This is one example of the convenient features the Pro module has over the basic module - take a look below!

Canada Post Basic

Supports only English

Only supports dimensions in cm.

Only supports weight in metric units.

Only Magento Community Edition Compatible

Manually need to create mandatory product attributes

Need to upgrade to the Pro version to integrate with the Canada Post EST Desktop Tool

Canada Post Pro

Magento Enterprise Compatible

Adds a clickable tracking link for the customer

Automatically creates mandatory product attributes

Supports French language returns from Canada Post

Internal caching to speed up checkout page refreshes

Automatically converts product dimension into default cm

Supports integration with the Canada Post EST Desktop Tool

Automatically converts multi format weights into KG for Canada Post.

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