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Canada Post Shipping Module

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  2. "Deliver to Post Office Near Postal Code:" is greyed out in the checkout page  
  3. After creating a shipping label and submit the manifest, I couldnt find the option to print the manifest.  
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  5. Can I cancel a shiptment?  
  6. Can I pass on the signature fee to the customer?  
  7. Can you customize shipping quotes?  
  8. Can you please guide us through how to add product specific package sizes (width/height/length) for Canada post shipment charges?  
  9. Can't Create Manifest getting ProvinceStateOrInternationalType may not be empty  
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  13. Canada Post Basic (Sell Online) vs. Canada Post Pro (Sell Online)  
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  15. Canada Post Proof Of Age option  
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  19. Do I need the Sell Online Account from Canada Post?  
  20. Do your "Collins Harper Canada Post Shipping Module 2.0" support custom weight and size before printing label ?  
  21. Does this module create any fields in the shipping confirmation e-mail?  
  22. Fix for the shipping estimating dates problem.  
  23. Foreign Key  
  24. How can I activate the module in a "Test Mode" to make it work on the site without entering Canada Post credentials.  
  25. How can I approve shipment in bulk ? instead of clicking ship one by one.  
  26. How can I change an existing account (Login & Password for a canada post profile)? For example, I created another business profile on Canada Post and would like to change it in your module.  
  27. How Can I set a specific shipping method for Free shipping  
  28. How do I create multiple labels for shipments needing split  
  29. How do I enable Logging and Debug  
  30. How do I get a Canada Post ID for my Canada Post Shipping Module?  
  31. How do I get my API Testing information for Canada Post 2.0?  
  32. How do I increase my request limits?  
  33. How do I set certain shipping methods for free  
  34. How do I use the Ready To Ship feature?  
  35. How does not having Manifests available on my account effect me?  
  36. How does your system deal with adding options for other postal service like FedEx?  
  37. How much does installation cost for the module and what level of configuration is provided?  
  38. How to print return labels for Canada Post Shipping 2  
  39. HS Tariff Code Invalid Instance of element Type  
  40. I can't create a manifest for an order going out of country customs_value_per_unit 0.00  
  41. I can't retrieve any quotes after enabling the module, or I only see my failover rate  
  42. I Can't Ship Internationally  
  43. I can't sign up, getting a 503 error when using sign up to canada post button  
  44. I don't see my module after uploading the files through FTP  
  45. I get an error invalid shipping method when I select a shipping method from the Canada Post extension.  
  46. I get this Error after Installing the module SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found:  
  47. I seem to be able to print shipping labels without having to "transmit" the manifest. How does that work? The shipping label I printed is not billed or valid until the manifest is sent?  
  48. I selected 4x6 thermal labels in the settings but when I as to print the label it comes out as 8.5x11.  
  49. I'm getting an error -1 is not a valid instance of the element  
  50. I've configured and enabled the module correctly, but I don't see it on checkout  
  51. I've installed the module via Magento Connect, but I don't see it on the Admin (backend) panel. What went wrong?  
  52. If I already have weight and Width x Length entered for all my products, can you get the module to pick up those attributes, without having to re-enter everything?  
  53. Invalid Shipping method Measure Units?  
  54. Is the e-mail template actually generated from the Canada Post module?  
  55. Is this extension compatible with the Enterprise version (1.12.x)?  
  56. Issue Getting quotes "The items you have selected cannot be shipped at the moment. Please contact the store owner to arrange for shipping."  
  57. Multiple Foreign Key Issue  
  58. My SellOnline module is not longer working I cchanged/upgraded servers  
  59. No longer able to create new orders in the Magento backend.  
  60. No Tariff Codes in Product (when creating manifest admin refreshes)  
  61. Only one Service is being displayed, Xpresspost. And all the shipping options like signature, card, safe drop, leave at door, post office selection. None of them can be selected. The check boxes are greyed out. Clicking search does nothing as well.  
  62. Production API credentials on the module configuration don't match what's on my account on the website  
  63. Shipping isn't working on my customer's checkout page, it says: "Sorry, no quotes are available for this order at this time."  
  64. Shipping Services are Zeroing out 0.00 when selected.  
  65. The shipping prices we're getting from your module are very high compared to what we get from Canada post's EST.  
  66. The “disable on frontend option” is not hiding the Canada post 2.0 rates from the frontend  
  67. To integrate Magento Canada post in our Magento store. Can you please provide us trial version(limited functionality) of this extension so we can test its functionality.After that if all are working fine like compatibility or any other functionality only  
  68. We aren't getting quotes, and seeing error can't mail on behalf of customer  
  69. What do these various delivery options mean (Do not Safe Drop, Card for pick up, etc)? Should I enable them all?  
  70. What ip address do I use for sellonline port 30000  
  71. What is the Library Book Shipping Option  
  72. What is the new COD functionality  
  73. When I try to create a manifest for an order I get an error "0" an invalid instance type for "Length or Width or Height"  
  74. When trying to create Manifest Method Payment Account not available  
  75. When trying to create shipping labels I get this error URL does not match  
  76. When we click on Manifest we got an error.  
  77. Where do I go to print the labels  
  78. Where is the attached license file ?  
  79. Which units does Canada Post 2.0 use?  
  80. Why am I getting a "404 page not found" when I try to apply settings for the module after signing up with Canada Post?  
  81. Why are rates different on the website than what I see on the configuration  
  82. Why are taxes not showing?  
  83. Why are we seeing shipping methods not available for this order  
  84. Why aren't all the items on this order printing on the customs label  
  85. Why Can't I Print Up Past Manifest, Labels and Order?  
  86. Why can't I see Expedited Parcel shipping on front end while I have it enabled on back end.  
  87. Why do I receive the error wrong country type when I create a manifest?  
  88. Why is there "Total Customs Weight must not be greater than the item weight" error when I create a manifest?  
  89. Will the X module work on Magento version X.X.X.X?  
  90. without the feature in development, how accurate will the shipping costs be with a predefined box size for 1 or multiple items in the cart? Won’t the site owner end up overcharging on smaller shipments and overpaying on shipments that require bigger pack  

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