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Magento Beanstream Module

FAQs related to Magento Beanstream module.

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  1. Collect Online is failing for this extension when the invoice is created. I've tried this against a Beanstream developer account and a live Beanstream account with the same result. The pre auth has to be completed in Beanstream.  
  2. Does it show Beanstream as an option in the one page checkout? And allow you to put your credit card information into the Magento one page checkout? Thus does it require an SSL cert on the server?  
  3. I am considering purchasing some of your magento modules for payments with Beanstream and shipping with Canada Post. Once I purchase them will I be able to download updates after and for how long? Is there an annual maintenance fee to keep the modules up  
  4. I purchased the magento Beanstream Interac Payment Module and am trying to get our account set up with Beanstream. They are requesting our funded url, our non funded url and referrer url. Would you be able to please tell me where I can find these  
  5. Transaction+Declined%2E+Restricted+transaction+type%2E If the invoice was created offline, try creating an offline creditmemo.  
  6. We have been testing the Beanstream payment module within our Magento test environment and have configured it to Authorize the purchase at order but we can't seem to find out how to capture the payment within Magento. Can you tell me how we go about doin  
  7. We purchased and successfully integrated the Beanstream Tokenization extension. I do notice that when transactions are posted to Beanstream, we do not see the Authorization # or Transaction # on the invoice.  
  8. Will Magento Beanstream Credit Card Payment Module work with Magento Go platform, or is it only limited to the community and enterprise edition?  

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