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How do I use the Ready To Ship feature?
Last Updated 5 years ago

There is a new feature in the Canada Post module called. Ready to Ship. If you use this feature you can then specify the products length, width, height, in the product itself.

Please note you must ensure to create the attributes. Create one for Length, Width, Height, Please make them unique as the configuration for ready to ship only calls these when you configure. 


Once you create the attributes, now you need to put them in your attributes sets. Usually this is just under Default. Navigate to Catalog > Attributes > Manage attribute sets

Locate the attributes you created on the right side for ready to ship and move them to the general or whichever attribute set you need it in. 

Once these attributes are set you can then see them on the product. (You may have to re index or flush cache.) You can enter the sizes for the product. Please ensure what Measure unit you are using to input the proper size information. 


No you have to configure the ready to ship options. Go to Catalog on left side and open the Product Attribute Dimensions setup. You will see three options. BE SURE TO USE THE ATTRIBUTES YOU JUST CREATED FOR THE PRODUCTS. 


Now your item is set up for the ready to ship feature. 

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