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What is the process to use Collins Harper Chase Paymentech module?
Last Updated 5 years ago

The process to use our module is as follows:

While purchasing the module there are also options to prepay for the installation and the certification process which we will perform for you. 

When you purchase our module you'll already have or will need to apply for an account with chase paymentech. They will send you a questionnaire form for you to fill out. The integration portion you will check the web services card not present option. This is all that's needed. 
Once you submit the questionnaire form chase will then send you the certification documentation. If you have purchased the certification process you will then forward that document to Collins Harper and we will perform the test transactions, fill out the information needed and submit the document back to you. At this time you will then send the document back to chase.

Chase will then notify you when they have completed their certification and issue you your live account status/merchant ID's. 

Below are links to help with the chase support. 

Chase USA
Chase CAD

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