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Why is the installation price $175
Last Updated 6 years ago

The installation price is set at $175 for the following reasons.

The installation consists of the following.

1. We Pretest your site before installation to ensure there are no issues. (if there are issues we can't install the module until they are resolved by you or your developer) For us to resolve would consist of custom development payments.

2. If there are no internal issues with the site and we're able to process a test checkout we then install the module.

3. Once installed we sign up the module and do a basic configuration and then we test checkout again using the module.

If there are any 3rd party apps on your site we can't guarantee our module works with them. During installation and testing if we discover the issues are caused by 3rd party apps we will then inform you and have to request custom development to ensure the apps and our module communicate properly.

This module is installed on hundreds of sites and with the vanilla magento setup and best practices there are no issues. We offer the installation support to ensure the proper testing and installation of the module on the site.

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