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Why is there "Total Customs Weight must not be greater than the item weight" error when I create a manifest?
Last Updated 4 years ago

Canada Post accepts the weight of the items with two decimal place (e.g. 0.06). If there is more than two decimal places (e.g. 0.065), it will round it. (e.g. 0.065 to 0.07), which might cause a larger weight and exceed the sum of all items' weight. To avoid this, we shouldn't use the weight with more than two decimal place.
To solve this, you can check the items of these orders and get their sku. Use the sku to check each item. If the item has more than 2 decimal place, round it to 2 decimal place. The change won't affect the current order, so you have to manually ship those orders, but the same problem shouldn't happen for the same items again.

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