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Default Size and Weight unit
Last Updated 6 years ago

1. the default height, width, and length from the purolator config
2. the default box size from purolator config
3. the measure units config
4. the default value for the weight attribute
5. the height, width, and length from the product config

1. The default measurements on the Purolator config should be set to the most common product size they use/have. This is used to give a product with NO measurements something to use to get rates. BUT most of your products should have their measurements set in the product config.
2. The default box size is used to determine what products are bigger than the box that would be used, and the module marks these products as a separate package.
3. The measure units configuration is used the same way that the Purolator config is used, you provide default size so that if a product does not already have a height, width, or length, it will be assigned the default value.
4. The default weight value does not need to be set in the attribute. Weight is set per product.
5. The height, width, and length fields on the product edit page are used to specify product specific measurements. Here is where you will set all the measurements for your products.

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