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How to get the log from my module?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Do the following steps to retrieve the debugging information (Magento 1).
1. Go to System -> Configuration -> Shipping Methods or Payment Methods -> (Your module).
2. There should be an option like debug or debug mode. If it is not enabled, enable it. (Note: debug mode might record some sensitive data in your drive, especially for payment module. Please turn it off in the production site if there is no issue.)3. Also check System -> Configuration -> Developer -> Log Settings and see if loggers are enabled.
4. Reproduce your issue and take a note of the time you do it.
5. Check var/log in your web root. There should be log files.
6. Check the logged information or give us your log.

How to know which log I should review or send?

Different modules may have different ways to log, some modules like Purolator will use system.log, and some modules like Canada Post have its' own log file (canpost_api.log). Sometimes the error will be recorded in more than one log file. One of the best way to know which log should be checked is to check "Last modified". Remember to take a note of the time when you reproduced the issue. The related record should be recorded around that time. So check the log that was modified at that moment. For example, we if we reproduce the issue at 11:27 2017-04-25, check the log files that are modified around 11:27 2017-04-25. Note that the server time zone may not be the same with your own machine, so just focus on the minute of the time (e.g. 27).

I have a huge log file, how can I send it to you?

The log file may be large sometimes (especially system.log). There are somethings you can do:
1. Compress the file. It works very well for log files.
2. Enter the log file, copy and paste the log that were recorded when you reproduced your issue (so taking a note of your time is important!).
3. Rename or move the huge log files and reproduce the issue again. The system will generate new files and they should only contain the new record.

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