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"Deliver to Post Office Near Postal Code:" is greyed out in the checkout page
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The Deliver to Post Office feature is only available for Xpresspost and Expedited shipments.

Are you planning to add the Deliver to Post Office delivery solution to your e-commerce site?

As part of the process to set up Deliver to Post Office, there are several key steps that are required. In this post, we provide an overview of the steps you need to follow. We’ve also included a diagram of the whole process so you can see how the Deliver to Post Office delivery solution works.

Please note:
Completing each step in the set-up process is essential to enable your e-commerce site to pass key customer and post office information to your shipping system and Canada Post. This information ensures that the item will be delivered to the right post office and that they can contact your customers when the item arrives.

Before you begin:
check to see if your shipping system has integrated Deliver to Post Office. This is required to offer this option on your e-commerce site.
Find out if your system supports Deliver to Post Office.

Below are a couple of links to the Canada Post Site that will explain in more detail about the Delivery to Post Office option.

Canada Post website.

How to set up Delivery To Post Office option.

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