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I've installed the module via Magento Connect, but I don't see it on the Admin (backend) panel. What went wrong?
Last Updated 6 years ago

Quite possibly, the permissions for your environment have caused some files to be created as folders. The most common victim to this flaw are XML (eXtensible Markup Language) and JS (Javascript) files; these are core files that make any and all Magento modules function.
If this is the case, please manually remove the folders and files pertaining to the module, from your Magento website directory. Next, you can try reinstalling the module via Magento Connect again, however, if the issue persists, manually extract the files from the module, and copy them over.

Some common errors when trying to reinstall modules with Magento Connect:

"File exists" error.
This is caused by failure to remove all the files from a previous (failed) installation of a module. Manually go through the directories of your Magento site and ensure that ALL those files are removed before attempting to reinstall.
"Permission denied" error.
This is caused by lack of permissions to write over the file(s). Ensure that you have sufficient privileges to write files to directories on your Magento site and that the directory is not write-protected.

*** This may apply to other modules as well. If this is true for other modules, please follow the instructions detailed above to fix the issue or contact your module vendor for further instructions or assistance.

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