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Canada Post 2.0 Module installs improperly through Magento Connect
Last Updated 5 years ago

Question: I tried to install the extension as you suggest... when I using the package upload installation in Magento Connect... some files "look" like folders instead of files (image of a folder instead of a .php file for example). I have fixed all files manually. I also tried with a manual extension upload... as mentioned. The "fatal error" is when I upload files correctly.

IF, I use only the magento connect... install is successful (in magento connect) but there are no traces anywhere that the Magento Admin (nothing in the modules disabled tab and nothing in Shipping method tab). Only files on the servers show that it has been install + magento connect shows installed extension. This is only when trying to install via Magento connect.
Answer: This is a problem that some customers have come forward with regarding the installation of the module. If this is the case, the most likely culprit is Magento's dreaded "Compilation". When installing the module via Magento Connect, please ensure that Compilation is disabled and caches were refreshed prior to installation. If the installation has already failed, you will need to remove all of the module's files and folders via FTP, and then reinstall.

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