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without the feature in development, how accurate will the shipping costs be with a predefined box size for 1 or multiple items in the cart? Won’t the site owner end up overcharging on smaller shipments and overpaying on shipments that require bigger pack
Last Updated 4 years ago

yes this is an issue there's one default box size and all items purchased are placed into it
if it turns out that you have to have multiple labels or if you have to use a different sized box
then the amounts charged to the customer and to the merchant will be incorrect

Here is a link to how shipping is calculated

It turns out that most times there's little difference go to the section: 
Example calculation of weight vs. volumetric weight

It shows how a 22kg package gets rated as a 40kg package
The volumetric weight is greater than the actual weight.

Therefore, the shipping charge will be based on the volumetric weight of 40 kg.

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