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Magento Beanstream Tokenization Onsite Credit Card Payment module With Legato

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Want to keep your customers on site without the risks associated with storing credit card data? The Beanstream Tokenization payment module is the solution!

The Beanstream Tokenization payment module lets merchants create secure payment accounts for their customers. Because everything is secured at Beanstream, merchants can minimize the need for repeat data entry the next time a customer shops at their store.

This module is 100% PCI compliant - PCI compliance being a security standard to help merchants protect credit card data, both online and offline, for all types of credit cards. PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) helps protect consumers against identity theft as well as credit card data theft. Each step taken toward PCI compliance provides another level of security.

Limit your online credit card processing risk while providing a great payment experience for your clients. Customers can add multiple cards, delete cards and reuse the same card with confidence.

Now With Legato

Legato is ideal for:
  1. Developers with the time and experience for a server-to-server integration, but want to limit their PCI scope.
  2. Businesses for whom a consistent, branded experience for their customers is vitally important. In other words, the customer never leaves your website.

Legato creates a token that replaces the credit card's number, CVD, and expiry date. As a result, we limit the scope of your PCI compliance, making your job easier and helping you protect your business. The system then returns the token to the JavaScript library. With the token created, the JavaScript populates the hidden input field on the payment form.
Next, the form submits its data to the merchant's server-side script. Through a server-to-server integration, the script calls Beanstream's servers (either the Process Transaction API or the Secure Payment Profiles API). You will pass all payment form details, including the token.
Please note: integration with our Secure Payment Profiles API is slightly different. Beanstream, through the relevant API, replaces the token with the card data. From there, we forward the transaction request to the credit card issuer. The credit card issuer approves or declines the transaction. The merchant processes the response and displays it on the client's browser. The customer receives the message. If necessary, the script displays an error message.

The module supports the following payment modes:

Authorise / Capture mode or Capture mode

  • (*note in authorize / capture mode - the admin will need to invoice the order.)
  • This will run a minimum 3 transactions per order, depending on how many times the admin invoices the specific order.


  • one to create the token and verify the credit card is valid
  • one to authorise the amount against the token.
  • one per invoice to capture the amounts.



  • one to create the token and verify the credit card is valid
  • one to authorise the amount against the token.

You can disable the token card validation (*.50 cent pre-authorization) with the option in the admin.


Serve your valued clients
Did you know repeat shoppers also tend to make larger dollar purchases? Treat your most valuable clients to an optimal payment experience - don't burden them with duplicate data entry.

Simplify PCI - keep customers on site
It's the big e-store debate - struggle with PCI certification or host payment pages offsite. The Beanstream Tokenization payment module solves the issue. You'll be up and running faster and with the solution you need.

Streamline manual processing
Need to process email or phone orders? The Beanstream Tokenization payment module makes it easy. Create an account once. No need to re-enter card data for repeat orders.

Need Verified by Visa and verified by Mastercard Mastercode.
The Magento Beanstream Tokenization Onsite Credit Card Payment module supports Verified by Visa and Mastercard 3D SecureCode

How Tokenization Works

With Beanstream Tokenization, customers can create their stored cards in the checkout process while running through a standard checkout. Customers can also add cards in the manage stored cards account area.

This module supports VBV 3DS Tokenization.

What is VBV?

Verified by Visa is a global online cardholder authentication service from Visa that verifies the authenticity of an online shopper, in real time, through the shopper's use of his or her personal password. The Verified by Visa service gives your customers an extra level of security so they can shop online more confidently, and significantly reduces fraudulent transactions and chargebacks for you. It's a service offered exclusively to VISA* cardholders and merchants that accept VISA cards as a method of payment with a win-win outcome for both.


Need Help? Please contact us using the contact form. Paid installation is available.
Please Note: We do not test, warrant or guarantee our modules for Magento installations running on Windows Server/IIS. Please contact your hosting provider to determine the Web Server and Operating System of your Magento store.

License Commercial
System Magento Module
System Version 1.8.x
Warranty 6 Months
Module Type Payment Module

We highly recommend buying installation support to ensure you get your site setup quickly and properly.

Before installing / updating or anything else

You should always backup your Magento Database & Magento Installation files. For more instructions on how to backup your installation please refer to these instructions. Please read all instructions before you start so you understand all the caveats of installing this module.

Unzipping and Uploading

After you have downloaded the Beanstream Tokenization module for your store, please use a tool like Winrar, WinZip or similar to unzip the contents of the ZIP file you downloaded. Now check the extracted files, you should see three folders "app", "docs" and "skin". Then you are ready to upload your files. Open your favorite FTP/SFTP/SCP client and connect to the server with your Magento installation. Navigate to the root folder of the Magento installation, in other words the folder that contains folders like "app", "skin", "js", "lib" and more. Then, upload the extracted folders directly into the root of your Magento installation. Your FTP client will not overwrite any files, it will only upload the new files that come with the software.


Log into the beanstream merchant portal and setup a username and password under Administration > Account Settings > Order Settings. save the username and password you create as you will need it for configuring the payment module in magento. Ensure to save the configuration.

Log into the beanstream merchant portal and setup a 32 bit payment profile api access passcode under Configuration > payment profile configuration > Security Settings. save the api access passcode you create as you will need it for configuring the payment module in magento. Ensure to save the configuration.

We recommend allowing duplicate profiles and duplicate credit card informaiton in your profiles, to do this under under Configuration > payment profile configuration > General Settings uncheck "Do not allow profile to be created with billing information duplicated from an existing profile" as well as under Configuration > payment profile configuration > Credit Card Settings uncheck " Do not allow profile to be created with card data duplicated from an existing profile". Ensure to save the configuration.

After you have uploaded the files, you need to login to your Magento administration panel and refresh your cache by going to System > Cache management. Select "Select All" and click "Refresh", so the cache gets updated. Then, go to your System > Configuration page and select Payment Methods. Verify that you have a new option called "Beanstream Profiles Credit Cards" in the Payment Methods page. If you can see it there, Beanstream Tokenization has been installed correctly.


Add items to cart and proceed to checkout using the following test credit card numbers:

Visa - Use CVD/CVV code 123
4504481742333Approved $100 Limit
4123450131003312 with VBV passcode 12345Approved VBV
Mastercard - Use CVD/CVV code 123
5123450000000000 passcode 123453D Secure Approved
American Express - Use CVD/CVV code 1234
Discover - Use CVD/CVV code 123


Need help? Please contact us using the contact form. Paid installation is available.

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