Refund/Cancellation Policy

Refund/Cancellation Policy

All of the products on our site have been extensively tested on Magento installations. Moreover, many of our popular modules are in active use on hundreds of sites. However they are digital products that cannot easily be returned as you could a physical product. As a result we do not offer refunds for our software products or our services.

While we do not offer refunds on our modules we do offer the support to ensure the extension works on your environment provided the environment does not have pre-existing issues. We do not guarantee our modules work with third party extensions that are already on the site.

Should one of our modules not perform as described in the material published on our site, contact us to arrange a quote for any additional work that will be required to integrate our software with your site.

It is recommended that you review all the published material on our site related to any module you are looking to purchase to ensure that it will work with your site as expected. Please also consider purchasing our installation services to ensure the proper procedure of installation is performed. This will ensure a more seamless integration process.

As part of our checkout procedure, you are require to check the waiver stating that you understand our policy relating to our refund policy. This is a required action that you must agree to prior to completing your order. Please read the policy during checkout so that you understand our no refund policy. Please contact us by following this link if you have further concerns regarding our no refund or any other policy.