Terms of Service

Terms of Service

When checking out, it is required to agree to our disclaimer that states you understand our terms and services.

We ensure our clients get the best quality extensions to use on their sites by exhaustively testing our modules on all current versions of Magento. However, it is not possible for us to test our software working in conjunction with other third party modules. As a result we do not guarantee our extensions work with 3rd party extensions.

We offer installation support on all of our products as a paid option. Free support is limited. We offer this to ensure the best practices are used for installation of any of our extensions.

When you purchase one of our modules you are agreeing to provide Collins Harper Software Inc. certain information in regards to the site listed but not limited to, (name, title, company name, address telephone number, email address). We will collect general information such as (domain names, the type of browser you are using, the files you request, and country from which you request information) and other needed information to help us improve our Web site to better meet your needs.

Before we collect any personal identifiable information, we will provide an explanation for the possible use of your data. The information you supply will be used by us to fulfill your orders for our products and services. We may also use this information to inform you of new products or services offered if you explicitly instruct us to do so.

We respect the right to your privacy and will not pass on your information to outside parties. You agree that you will not exploit and or make profit or install our extensions on any other site other than the listed domains from when the extension was originally purchased.

Our website may contain links to other sites. We do not endorse or otherwise accept responsibility for the content of privacy policies of those sites. Additionally some of our pages may contain "cookies," which are data that may be sent to your Web browser and stored on your computer. This allows our server to "recognize" you when you visit our site in the future.

It may be necessary, if required by law or if pertinent judicial or government investigations, to release your personal identifiable information. Our software products are licensed to one individual Magento installation as well as one non-commercial development site. By agreeing to our terms of service you acknowledge that you will not distribute our software for free or for profit or install it on any sites outside of the websites registered during initial purchase.

By agreeing to Collins Harper Software Inc. terms and policies you can be held liable for any violation of this agreement. Collins Harper Software Inc. reserves the right to modify these policies at any time. We will promptly reflect any such modifications on our website. Collins Harper Software Inc., reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at our discretion.

Please Note: At this time all transactions are processed in Canadian Dollars. We will soon accept funds in US dollars.