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What does Legato do for me?
Last Updated 4 years ago

Legato creates a token that replaces the credit card’s number, CVD, and expiry date. The system then returns the token to the JavaScript library.

With the token created, the JavaScript populates the hidden input field on the payment form. Next, the form submits its data to the merchant’s server-side script.

Through a server-to-server integration, the script calls Beanstream’s servers (either the Process Transaction API or the Secure Payment Profiles API). You will pass all payment form details, including the token. Please note: integration with our Secure Payment Profiles API is slightly different

Beanstream, through the relevant API, replaces the token with the card data. From there, we forward the transaction request to the credit card issuer.

The credit card issuer approves or declines the transaction. The merchant processes the response and displays it on the client’s browser.

The customer receives the message. If necessary, the script displays an error message.

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