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What is the new COD functionality
Last Updated 5 years ago

We have implemented the Canada Post 2.0 module with COD. (Cash on Delivery). This functionality allows your customer to choose COD as a shipping and payment method. You enable this on the configuration of the module. Please Note you will be charged an extra $7.25 by Canada Post for this usage on top of your regular label printing charges. If for some reason the order is cancelled this fee is non refundable. 

All COD orders will be sent to the closest Canada Post office for pickup. All customers will receive a card for pickup. 

The link below has more details on COD


Once enabled it will show on the front end. The customer will have to choose a shipping method by Canada Post first then the COD button will be available to select. 


Once the customer chooses COD and move to the payment information they will see a Canada Post COD payment option. 


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