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I've configured and enabled the module correctly, but I don't see canpar on checkout
Last Updated 5 years ago

If you are having trouble gettings the module(s) to appear on your site, here are some solutions you can try:
1. Verify the configurations. Make sure the module is enabled and all, required credentials are entered in the approrpriate fields. Make sure that card types & shipping methods are selected and allowed in the configuration.
2. Clear the cache. Some pages, as well as previous configuration parameters, may be cached. Ensure you clear them so that the pages can be refreshed with recent configuratons.
3. Verify that the template files are in the appropriate theme directory; that is, the theme that your site is currently using. If they are not, simply copy them over from their default locations. You will have to refresh or clear the cache after moving these templates.

If none of the above has resolved your issue, please submit your inquiry to us via our contact form. Be sure to include any necessary information that could help us with the troubleshoot process, such as:
- FTP information to access log files
- Magento store URL so that we may see the issue firsthand
- Magento Admin URL so that we may verify the settings are in place
- The steps you took to achieve this(these) error(s)
- Where this error occurs (e.g. on the shopping cart, during checkout, etc)
- Screenshots of the error(s)
- Information on the account type when you got this error (if applicable). (e.g. Is this a test account or a live account?)

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