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Purolator not working
Last Updated 4 years ago

Ensure that system logging is enabled.

System > Configuration > Advanced > Developer > Logging

If not then enable logging, and recreate the issue again.

Now open your log file

ftp to your website, and navigate to /var/log/ and view the system.log file. If you see something similar to:

2014-06-17T01:44:55+00:00 DEBUG (7):


2014-06-17T01:44:55+00:00 DEBUG (7):

Collinsharper_Purolator_Model_Carrier_ShippingmethodgetServiceRule Unauthorized

2014-06-17T01:44:55+00:00 DEBUG (7):


2014-06-17T01:44:55+00:00 DEBUG (7):


2014-06-17T01:44:55+00:00 DEBUG (7):

Collinsharper_Purolator_Model_Carrier_ShippingmethodgetServiceOptions Unauthorized

2014-06-17T01:44:55+00:00 DEBUG (7):


This output from the system log indicates that various services were not enabled for your account. Please contact Purolator and have them enable these services for you.

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