Magento Site Search Success With Nextopia:

Jeff Yard, head of business development here at Collins Harper, recently sat down with Nextopia at the Magento Imagine trade show to discuss the project, and why Collins Harper recommends Nextopia to its clients. Check out the highlights of the discussion below!

Nextopia Partner & Customer

Success Story


Nextopia & Collins Harper Increase’s Monthly Sales by 20%


“We will continue to strongly recommend Nextopia to our clients.”

— Jeff Yard, Head of Business Development, Collins Harper

Collins Harper: An Introduction
Since 2009, Collins Harper has worked with a wide variety of Enterprise Edition and Community Edition Magento clients and has provided top-tier design and development to the likes of,, and Collins Harper has also developed 26 payment modules for 11 unique payment gateways and 14 logistics modules, which together power thousands of eCommerce businesses.

Why did Collins Harper Choose Nextopia?
Before working with Nextopia, Collins Harper had worked with several of Nextopia’s competitors; however, after meeting several sales reps at various industry events and communicating by phone and email with Nextopia’s team, Collins Harper was convinced. They came to find that Nextopia’s solutions, support, and customer service were the best in the industry. Jeff Yard, Head of Business Development at Collins Harper, stated: “We now know that this early impression of Nextopia was accurate, and we continue to be impressed with their dedication to their clients.”

How Nextopia Helps
Nextopia allows Collins Harper to offload complex functionality to Nextopia’s team of experts, which streamlines the development process and provides clients with a solution that would otherwise be unavailable. The strong relationship that exists between Nextopia and Collins Harper provides increased opportunities for both parties.

“The staff at Nextopia were a big part of the determination to work
with Nextopia. People are what makes up a business, and the people
at Nextopia are some of the best in the industry.”

— Jeff Yard, Head of Business Development, Collins Harper A Practical Example
“We are extremely satisfied with out results since the installation of Nextopia.” -
ch-casestudy loved that their search results were now very detailed and accurate. They also loved Nextopia’s merchandising capabilities, which called them to adapt their banners and displayed products for quick and easy promotional campaigns. Nextopia’s analytics suite made it easy for to see which search terms were receiving the most hits, and which were receiving none; giving them new-found control over their inventory management. For example, found that, “watch boxes are a highly searched term, [so] we were able to order in those items so as to best fulfil our customer’s needs and increase sales.”

A Strong Recommendation
Collins Harper strongly recommends Nextopia to their clients on a regular basis. Collins Harper has recommended all of Nextopia’s products to its clients, in particular Nextopia eCommerce Site Search Navigation, and Enhanced Autocomplete. is just one example of a successful project between Nextopia and one of our valued Partners. With partners like Collins Harper, Nextopia continues to create lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with industry leaders all over the world.

“10 out of 10, top rate people!” - Jeff Yard, Head of Business Development
Collins Harper

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